PHP Classifieds Script

Powerful classifieds script for business. Since 2007, sold over 3.6k+ licenses online. Changes in every corner with our new owner.

About SNetworks

SNetworks is a global managerial service provider. Where our classifieds script is branded under it since 2007. Before, it wasn't sold publicly by script author who's name is George Robert. But ever since SNetworks took over in August 2007, it has brought the change in classifieds business market.

About Team

We are group of professional designers and developers working for this powerful classifieds script being managed by new owner. We have managers around the globe with different shareholders. Regions include California, Florida, Toronto, UAE, Singapore and Thailand.

Areas of Expertise

Our professionals team covers wide area of expertise. Starting from PHP/MySQL programming to CSS, jQuery, XHTML and creative graphics designing. We've been providing services beyond our lists. Offering the script customization for unique solution & developing programs to satisfy clients.

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Phone: (209) 877-SNET | Fax: (814) 690-7044

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