SNetworks PHP Classifieds v5.7.6 Releases Today!

SNetworks Classifieds Releases v5.7.6No more waiting, it’s been many days already that 2012 started and as promised earlier in January’12, we’d promised a release for tertiary script upgrade version. This version does not have major changes to it’s core engine of the script but better and convenient than before.

Installing or upgrading to this version is pretty simple, within just few clicks online. No more editing line by line like old times of our older versions. Upgrades occurs in seconds, where all the process are being completed within seconds, automatically by the script itself. Continue reading SNetworks PHP Classifieds v5.7.6 Releases Today!

Change URLs with City Sub-Domains

Now you can change your URLs to sub-domain accordance to your cities.

We wouldn’t say only you but most you together had really looked for your classifieds script’s URL to change it’s look to better shape. Not even this, some had asked for sub-domain according to state, city etc. And now we’ve listened to it and developed such module which does not require CPU power anymore unlike last time. It is very simple technology that we recently developed that which will let you have your own easily without need to change for lot’s of stuffs.

This feature is very much useful and even let’s your users remind their city based URLs. This is more like website as they’re using the similar URLs for their website, its the same reverse technic done with our classifieds script. Currently this is an optional feature for our classifieds script since not compatible with all types of site as explained in next paragraph so it is available for sale online under our AddOns section.

This also helps your site to index on google easily and helps increase your PR (page rank) of your main domain easily while having holding so many sub-domains.

This modification will not only change the city(regions) URLs, but it will change the whole format of the URL for other pages as well, such as viewing categories, viewing ads etc. The experience becomes different than earlier and much for friendlier than the default addresses. Why don’t you check out our demo as given on our demo website located at Continue reading Change URLs with City Sub-Domains

Ads Scrapping Service In BETA

Ads Grabber and Ads ScrapperWho wants to wait for days, weeks, months to get their site popular online? We always want our site to run like it’s already popular enough to increase sales/revenue etc.

When you start a new classifieds website then for sure you won’t have any ads in it unless you start adding by yourself or you’re spending high budget of advertising campaigns. And it’s so much of hard working to post ads by our-self cause we know that you don’t want your visitors leave your website after their first visit. Eventually if they see your website new with less ads then they will not want to stay or look for anything due to limitations.

At the same time when a user comes to your website and if your site have full of ads then they will more likely search for their wanted stuff and/or they will post their ad as well instead of leaving to other classifieds site. Ultimately your visitor will turn into a returning user and hopefully customer if it’s a paid classifieds website.

In order to give such excellent boost to newly started classifieds websites, we had finally decided to provide such service which will not only benefit a start-up classifieds website but rather they will jump at least 10 steps head in the route to their success. Imagine like you’re making reasonable investment on a already running classifieds website which is actually a new site in real.

We call this service “Ads Scrapping”, many people know it as ads population, data grabbers etc. What happens is that, when you get this service for your classifieds website depending on your package you can get all the recent ads of to your own classifieds website. Which means, if you’re starting a classifieds website for France then you can order ads scrapping service for all the recent ads of Paris on craigslist website to certain matching categories of yours. Then our system will grab all the recent ads on all the similar categories matching your site and craigslist site then the ads will be inserted into your database to be accessible as like a regular posted ad from your website. Continue reading Ads Scrapping Service In BETA

New Version Releasing Soon – SNetworks PHP Classifieds v5.7.5

SNetworks PHP Classifieds is releasing the new version of the script by end of May 2011. It had turned more powerful and easier than before. No more going through codes or logging into server again and again. This new version will give you the power to manage all the settings from the script’s back-end itself.

Admin panel has just got powerful, now you can control your classifieds site features and modify site settings easily by logging in to your administration panel. Now you got two new options in admin panel:

  1. Site Settings
  2. Feature Control

Under the Site Settings page, you can now set/modify your whole website’s configuration which includes:

Launching of official blog site

SNetworks is proud to launch it’s first official blog site. All the updates about our all companies providing it’s products and services shall be available from here. This site has been made central zone for all of our products and services.

We aim to make things much easier and convenient from our users. And for you to stay updated, the best place is to join into our blog site. We will be publishing information from day to day regarding our services and all other things happening within the company but outside the official business. You may be interested in knowing more about SNetworks? Here you go, the inside scoop is all here in this site from today onwards.

Thank you for being with SNetworks, we appreciate your concern and wish to serve you even better in every possible aspects.

Have a nice day!

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