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SNetworks PHP Classifieds v5.7.6 Releases Today!

SNetworks Classifieds Releases v5.7.6No more waiting, it's been many days already that 2012 started and as promised earlier in January'12, we'd promised a release for tertiary script upgrade version. This version does not have major changes to it's core engine of the script but better andĀ convenientĀ than before.

Installing or upgrading to this version is pretty simple, within just few clicks online. No more editing line by line like old times of our older versions. Upgrades occurs in seconds, where all the process are being completed within seconds, automatically by the script itself.

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New Version Releasing Soon – SNetworks PHP Classifieds v5.7.5

SNetworks PHP Classifieds is releasing the new version of the script by end of May 2011. It had turned more powerful and easier than before. No more going through codes or logging into server again and again. This new version will give you the power to manage all the settings from the script's back-end itself.

Admin panel has just got powerful, now you can control your classifieds site features and modify site settings easily by logging in to your administration panel. Now you got two new options in admin panel:

  1. Site Settings
  2. Feature Control

Under the Site Settings page, you can now set/modify your whole website's configuration which includes:

  • Website Title
  • Website Address
  • Webmaster Email
  • Website's Default Language
  • Switching Search Engine Friendly Function
  • Paypal Email Address
  • Website Payment Currency
  • Admin Password

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