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New Version Releasing Soon – SNetworks PHP Classifieds v5.7.5

SNetworks PHP Classifieds is releasing the new version of the script by end of May 2011. It had turned more powerful and easier than before. No more going through codes or logging into server again and again. This new version will give you the power to manage all the settings from the script's back-end itself.

Admin panel has just got powerful, now you can control your classifieds site features and modify site settings easily by logging in to your administration panel. Now you got two new options in admin panel:

  1. Site Settings
  2. Feature Control

Under the Site Settings page, you can now set/modify your whole website's configuration which includes:

  • Website Title
  • Website Address
  • Webmaster Email
  • Website's Default Language
  • Switching Search Engine Friendly Function
  • Paypal Email Address
  • Website Payment Currency
  • Admin Password
  • More...

At the same time under the Feature Control page, now you can control the following features:

  • Numbers of Abuse Reports
  • Numbers of Picture Upload Fields
  • Numbers of Category Columns
  • Numbers of Location Columns
  • On/Off Image Posting
  • On/Off Events Posting
  • On/Off Calendar
  • On/Off Rich Text Format
  • Input SMTP Settings
  • Many more...

Currently you need to open up the config file manually to change such settings but now no more with this release. We'd made things easier for you. It will save your time and will speed up the process 10x faster than current version process.

News doesn't end here, we'd also developed a new system of script installation and upgrade process. We call it automated installation wizard.

Yes, now upgrading to the latest version (now and future) and running a new installation, you do not need to take lot's steps like last time. Because script does most of the steps automatically. You do not even need to open the config file to input your information manually before running database setup because now the installation wizard takes all the data from you in a nice user-friendly interface then put it into files automatically for you. The installation wizard have four steps and in just four steps you can get your site up and running easily without having any basic knowledge on PHP or other related language.

Lastly a new security feature has been added to protect your site from any hackers. We'd noticed that many of our clients keep their setup files/folders in their server after installation or they may forget to remove it because it requires you to login to your server and delete it. But now in this release the script will not let you login until the setup files/folders are deleted where within a click of a button you can delete it. You do not even need to login to your server for deleting these setup files/folders, just press DELETE button and the script itself will take care rest of it on behalf of you.

Now you tell us, how easier & powerful we'd made than before to save your time at least 10x more than before?

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